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    Bad startup idea?

    Hello all,

    I am considering starting a small coffee shop (I'm partial to Batdorf and Bronson) and art gallery in a somewhat isolated area in the Southwest. It's a town of about 1500 people with about 2000 driving through each day (according to a gov survey, I'm a little skeptical though). It's an hours drive to a major metropolitan area and has some tourism. It would be sort of rent free, (I would own and live in the building) and my partner has a real job.

    Does anyone have any comments suggestions?


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    Re: Bad startup idea?

    Quote Originally Posted by wetpnwestie

    Does anyone have any comments suggestions?
    You should complete your business plan and develop financial projections for your location; this will help you to determine if your concept and site are financially viable. Some basic information on this topic exists on this discussion board (that you may find using the "search" command), but if you need detailed assistance, you should contract a professional to assist you.

    Best of success,


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    More specific questions would be in order I guess. What is the average profit per customer for you folks? I'm guestimating $1.50 profit per customer x 80 (2% of 4000 cars daily)x 5 days a week x 4 weeks= $2400 a month profit. I'm hoping that the lack of direct competition and the pull of the art gallery will get me 2% of the traffic, and that the low overhead of no rent and running the shop mainly by myself will get me to 50% to 60% net profit on gross sales, with an average sale being $2.50 to $3.00.

    If the net was even half the above I think it would beat "working for the man"

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    suggestions! here are a few.

    Don't use your personal credit to finance your business.
    Buy a good Gorilla-Marketing book !
    Plan on working 25 hrs.a day.
    Take at least one day off a week,and get out of town.
    Lease as much equipment as you can the first year or two.
    BUY a GOOD single group espresso machine.
    Get advertising advice from other local merchants.
    Communicate with your partner.
    Do a thorough cost analysis on EVERYTHING.
    If you have a skill or trade realize that you might have to hire someone to work in your shop while you go out and "work for the man" until things get better.
    I could sit here and give you all kinds of advice but I have to open soon and my beans don't grind themselves. mr.esp



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