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    start up needs advice

    This forum is amazing! Everyone is so genuinely helpful. I am also looking to open a coffee shop in a small town in central PA. I have a partner and we are almost done wth our business plan. I am struggling with cash flow projections right now but have found a ton of helpful hints on the site. Since we are pretty far from any reliable commercial roasters and quality is our biggest concern we are considering roasting in house. There are two of us which allows one to focus on roasting and one on drink prep, although we will each teach the other as we go. I have been roasting at home for about 6 months now and I am getting pretty consistent. Any reasons why this is a bad idea? Also topher I would love to see that training manual you wrote. Thanks in advance!

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    I would not roast in house as a start up unless you have been a Professional roaster for at least a year prior.
    In your area, I would contact either Counter Culture Coffee (in NC) or Intelligentsia (Chicago). Both ship on fresh roasted day of ordering and should arrive 2 to 3 days (max) after. This time the beans will be degassing and will be perfect to use upon arrival. There is too much to worry about perfecting on the other end both as a business and as a professional barista.

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    I would have to agree with JP. It's very difficult to start up and try to roast in house and be a barista at the same time. Additionally there will be more to clean up in a shop if you have a roaster there. I know it sounds cool to have a roaster on site and you even feel that the customers would like to see you put on a show and all, but do that with your barista skills and customer service and presentation skills in the beginning. Maybe later you can put up a roaster somewhere off site or if you get a larger location possibly inside. But seek some good roasters close by to you, then expand your search if they don't work out.
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    Thanks for the advice, i will reconsider the in house roasting. mainly I liked it because it made the profits we wanted to see much more attainable without sacrificing quality. I'll check out the suggested roasters and two more local ones I just found. Either way I would like to learn how to become a better roaster even if it is just for personal use. Any suggestions? Trial and error is working so far along wth keepng detailed records. Thanks again!



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