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    Need some advice about opening a drive thru only coffee shop.

    I am in the stage of doing some serious research into opening a drive thru only coffee shop. I lived in bend oregon for some time and worked in a coffee shop both drive thru and sit down for about 4 years. I am now in the south-- The only coffee shops are starbucks and cc''s coffee and they are located about 50 miles from me in each direction. The town I would open up in is not tiny and has a lot of traffic going thru it everyday. Many coming to work and many leaving to go to the surrounding areas to work. In the town are the usual fast food places, walmart, a couple department stores, and many specialty shops- and two snow cone stands and one drive thru daiquri stand- and lots of people in the medical profession.
    I am seeking any kind of advice that would help me out in this phase of the game. Thanks so much!!

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    The first thing you need to do is create a business plan. Even if you don't need to borrow money, you'll never know where you're going or how you are doing unless you have a plan. I would also contact your local Small Business Development Center, SBA, or SCORE.ORG for help that is local to your area.

    Also, there is lots of great information on this site. I would do a search of "business plan", "start up" and a few other key words. I would also subscribe to the SCAA and a few trade magazines to kinda get your head in the game.
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    I agree that first of all you need to create a business plan that you will follow. Next, you should recruit employees. Their number depends on how large your coffee shop will be, as well as on how much caffeine you plan to open. After recruiting, I advise you to contact in order for them to improve the effectiveness of your team. Next, you should find a place where you want to open your coffee shop, as well as find all the necessary equipment. Along the way, you will meet a huge number of different problems, but I am sure that in the end you will cope with it! Good luck!!
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    This is a very old thread from 2007.

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    I also want advice about this situation

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    It is an old thread, but the idea is good for today.

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    good idea, but why ! I think a Coffee Truck, with the idea behind a food truck is a better choice.



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