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    Monmouth Coffee Shop, London

    another great coffee shop. For all those who have been to the coffee shop at the borough market will know exactly what I mean. The cafe is situated on a corner in a small industrial area. IT looks like a small little warehouse that was converted, there's a large garage door that opens up. THere are serveral bins filled with coffee fresh from their own onsite roasters, wooden floors and a large communal wooden table. In the mornings you would find fresh bread from a local bakery, a large chunk of butter sitting on a piece of slate, organic jams, criossants, and other assorted pastries. BUt the coffee., oh my, the coffee. They have an espresso machine, but I don't think they use it that much. THey don't serve regular drip coffee either. Instead, you choose the beans you want from the bins, they grind them, put them into a filter and pour hot water over it. This makes amazing coffee. Flavours I've never tasted before from coffee comes through. The whole experience is amazing. If you are in London, I highly suggest going here. THey have two cafes. One of them is situated in Covent Garden on Monmouth street and the other one is at the Borough Market. I prefer the one at the Borough market.

    anyone else been here? please share.....

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    I've been to the Monmouth street one and bought some beans; didn't visit a cafe there. It's a place I bear in mind when I'm thinking of presents for people but didn't have a big enough impact on me to make me go out of my way to get there (I often walk past it on my way to band rehearsals but, alas, after closing time).


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    Wow carreli7:

    I like your descriptions, sounds like a novel to me. Are you a writer? Although I don't have wooden floors or a slate for my butter, I'm going to fix myself a cup of coffee right now
    "A Word of Difference"TM

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    not the one on monmouth st

    Yeah I know what you mean about the cafe on Monmouth, but I'm telling you, if you love coffee and a nice atmosphere. I would highly recommend going to the cafe at the Borough Market. Its much nicer than the one on monmouth.

    and thanks coffee guy for your response. I'm not a writer, but its definetely something that interests me. I'm thinking of writing something soon. Something I'm passionate about. I'm thinking about writing about my travels through France last summer. It was a culinary tour. And let me tell you, its everything you could imagine.

    Thanks again



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