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Thread: Coffee Fest

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    Coffee Fest

    Is anyone going? I'll be there on Monday. Even though we'll arrive in Vegas on Saturday, I won't have anyone to look after the kids until Monday. And then the wedding activities begin.

    Looking so forward to getting away for a few days!!! We finally hired an electrician to do the wiring (of our drive-thru shop) and will have it inspected by L&I tomorrow. Can't do any other work until the inspection, so I'm going to put it out of my mind until we return....the week is to enjoy my daughter's wedding-not for worrying!

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    Yeah, don't worry about the shop. Besides the hard stuff is done. Go to Loss Wages and enjoy the family. Remember all work and now play will make you a dull...Tell us all about the wedding when you get back...Have fun I'm sending someone there so they can have all the fun looking around as though they were in a huge candy store
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