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    Please buy my coffee shop!

    Or at least, everything in it!

    The economy, and being new at running a business, has killed us. We are going to end up in divorce court if we can't get out of this thing. We have a great place that our regulars love, but we can't make it work. My husband is working 70 hours a week in the cafe, and I am working TWO outside jobs to make ends meet.

    Our website:

    Offers, comments, or suggestions appreciated. At this point, we will take anything just to be rid of this business. We don't even know how we're going to pay the rent this month.

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    Re: Please buy my coffee shop!

    WOW! Did you expect something different? How is your location? Wtf happened? This is a scary deal,we work 100 hrs plus, and still building our business. This is not for timid. Good luck, I see your CL post is deleted, did you sell?
    "the great coffee caper...."

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    Re: Please buy my coffee shop!

    Building a business will always prove to be difficult. Unfortunately this lovely situation our country is in does not help. I wish you all the luck and hope all works out!

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    Re: Please buy my coffee shop!

    Really a difficult time, but you need to find out the solution of your problem . Try to plan your business in a systematic way. Hope you people will get some good results.

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    Re: Saving your business

    I believe you can save it if you aren't mired in debt.
    What I see is TOO many offerings on your menu. It really doesn't come out as a coffee shop, it seems to be a deli or small eatery with coffee. I went to your roasters site... seems he really cares about what he does, and I know the farm the Nicaraguan comes from... it's good stuff!!
    If you want to be primarily a food place that has coffee that's one thing, but as it is costs associated with food are much higher, there is a lot more waste, and it pulls everyone away from the core of your business. I would scale down the food menu significantly. Offer a lighter menu of your most popular items, re-invent, and re-establish.
    John Piquet
    caffe d'bolla
    Salt Lake City, UT



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