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    Coffee Grinder

    I'm opening a cafe and will roast my own beans for my customers. I need a good grinder for a cafe setting, where I will grind for espresso ground and for filtered drip. Is there anything you can recommend that is affordable and will give me different options for grounds? Any input is appreciated.


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    Congrats on your upcoming opening.
    It sounds like you may be rushing as these are some very basic things that you should know far in advance before opening.

    A grinder is the single most important piece of equipment in your coffee brewing arsenal.
    You need two grinders, one for espresso and one for drip.

    An espresso grinder is meant to grind by the shot, the best value for the money are the Compak K10 or the Compak K10 Fresh (doserless) these have large 68mm conical burr sets which are ideal for espresso. These are very reasonably priced grinders, $1400-$1800 respectively. I would not recommend flat burr grinders for espresso.

    For drip, you have basic such as BUNN or Grindmaster, to more precise, longer lasting grinders from Mahlkonig or Ditting. These will run $700 for the low end and $2000 and up for the others.

    Find the best grinder for your needs, and then find a good price for it. In the scheme of opening a shop, the cost difference between a poor grinder and a quality grinder is minimal, but the difference in performance is huge and will literally repay you thousands of times over.

    You can always call the US distributors for said grinders and see if they have any trade show specials or demo grinders. This can get you nearly new grinders for an excellent price. Otherwise, buy your main grinders new and buy used backups and just replace the burr sets on those.

    Best of luck.
    John Piquet
    caffe d'bolla
    Salt Lake City, UT



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