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    My dad likes McDonalds double double coffee. Would a french press be ideal for him?

    Is the french press ideal for someone who uses cream and sugar in their coffee or is the french press most geared towards the black coffee drinker?

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    Does he frequently make his own coffee at home, or is he a coffee shop/McDonald's coffee only sort of guy?

    Because if he doesn't have the time/doesn't want to take the time to make coffee at home then the press pot will sit forgotten in a cupboard as it is an item that takes at least five minutes to get your coffee from (heating water, grinding, waiting four minutes for the coffee to stew in the water, then cleaning it up afterwards).

    But if he does have the time, and likes to make his own coffee at home, go for it! Also include half a pound of some fresh roasted coffee from a local roaster in your area if you have one. To each person goes their own personal taste and how they want to modify their coffee after it's poured.

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    Hello "carbine333"

    Welcome to the Coffee Fourms website.

    The double-double is coffee with two creamers and two sugars.

    How does your father make his coffee at home? Does he use a drip brewer?

    The French Press is something he'd need to be willing to learn how to use. Has he expressed an interest in using a French Press?

    Since he already prefers cream and sugar in his coffee, he'll probably want to add it to the French Pressed coffee. I can't imagine anyone who likes a double-double to suddenly switch to drinking their coffee black.

    You can always take him to a cafe that makes French Pressed coffee and let him see how it's made (and taste the coffee.)


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    I'm guessing it's not just the coffee but the experience and joy he gets from going to Micky D's.
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