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    Gov Caffeine Regulations & Coffee?

    Someone posted the link to the website on my facebook page. Generally I don't read or click on that sort of thing but the subject line caught my eye. Is it really possible that the government will regulate and require caffeine content information on just a regular old cup of coffee? I run on coffee and the occassional energy drink. In a panic I found this forum so please excuse the question if it seems off topic. I didn't know where else to ask and this seems like the right place. Thank you!

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    Hello "forbes123"

    Welcome to the Coffee forums website.

    There have been recent news articles about the dangerous levels of caffeine in the energy drinks and how easy it is for a person to overdose on excessive amounts of caffeine. Some people develop serious reactions when they consume the caffeinated energy drinks and from what I've read, the energy drinks are the main cause for concern.

    There is really no point in posting the caffeine content for a regular cup of coffee. Even if it does eventually happen, it will be for informational purposes only, and it would only be useful to people who are trying to limit their caffeine intake. There is really no need to worry.


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    Thank you Rose. What you say makes sense and is pretty much what I was thinking. I read most of what was on the website and found it interesting, especially the story about Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks. Actually I was a little rattle by the possibility of a political vendetta that might effect everything that has caffeine in it. I've been pretty jazzed up on coffee, but honestly I've never had any issues with energy shots. Everything in moderation is still good advice I guess. Thank you!



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