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    The Green Bean Weight Loss Machine


    I have read much ado over the benefits of green coffee bean extract pertaining to weight loss. I purchased a pound of green coffee beans thinking I could incorporate a few grams into a green juice/fruit mix smoothy that I prepare every day. Don't want to buy the ready made extracts because you really don't know what you are getting. My one third horsepower super blender hardly dents them. Also tried a coffee grinder and a mortar and pestle with very poor results. Large particles present. Also tried the blender again using just water and beans and after about 5 minutes of blender action the beans started to breakdown and the water turned a light green. Still lots of granular material in it and it got very very hot. Heat is something you don't want to expose the beans to because it destroys anything beneficial. Does anyone know of a way to use green coffee beans?

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    Since you are trying to make an extract, you'll probably need to go through an entirely different type of process.

    Try doing a Google search on how to make an extract or Make your own liquid extract. You'll find a lot of information on the steps to do it.

    Here's a couple of websites to get your started:

    Make Your Own Liquid Herbal Extract

    Herbal Extracts - How to Make



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