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    Unhappy Bad Coffee From Water Filter

    Hello Everybody,

    I am having some problems with my whirlpool 3-stage under-sink water filter.

    When I first got the filtration system the water and the coffee made from it tasted great. After having it for about 6 months I replaced the filters with the correct replacements. I went by the instructions and ran the recommended amount of water through before tasting it. The water tasted bad, and the coffee tasted horribly bitter. I called the whirlpool helpline and was told to run water through the system until it tasted better. I must have run water through the filters for 6 hours, but the water still tasted bad. So back to the store it went for a replacement. After installing the next set of replacements (and running water through it for hours) the water tasted better, but not great. But more importantly, the coffee still tasted horrible!!!

    I have been making my coffee with a simple Pur pitcher and it tastes good, but I still want to use the under-sink filter.

    Am I just running into bad luck with these filters? Should I try again, or switch to an RO system?


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    We have an RO system in the shop and for my taste it takes out too much of the mineral content.



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