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Thread: Grinding beans

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    Grinding beans

    I do not like STARBUCKS.
    It seems that lately my "coffee taste" has changed...could be that the coffee I mad in the CUISINART machine was OK, (just OK) but then somehow I couldn't drink it any longer, bitter off tasting....tried fresh beans of various kinds, all tasted bitter, and the onoly coffee I could drink was DUNKIN.
    We just came off a 7 day Caribbean cruise on Celebrity and I found the coffee awful, couldn't wait for DUNKIN !
    Someone on the ship suggested that I grind the beans to trhe finest setting I had...VOILE, drinkable coffee with month old DD beans!
    QUE ????

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    I grind (dark roast) beans that I buy in the bulk section of my local grocery store/farmer's market, using an old Zassnehaus mill. I grind according to what method I use: fine for my Vesubio, not quite as fine for my Braun, a little coarser for my dripolators, and coarser still for my press pot.

    If I set my Zass for the "finest setting", it would be powder, and I haven't tried Turkish yet...



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