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    Keurig reuasble filter problems-Help with EkoBrew

    Hello there,

    I have been trying to find a good re-usable filter for my Keurig. It seems many people like the ekobrew. So I found them at a local Walmart, and bought two of them. I am having some troubles I must admit, that I am def disappointed, thus far its been the worst coffee I have had from a re-usable filter. I was excited that it holds 14g of coffee.

    Here are my problems.

    -Initially the coffee comes in 3-5 different directions, and if not using a wide mouth cup it goes everywhere, I have tried this about 10 times, all the same.

    -The coffee is weak. It comes out dark as can be for the first 5-10 seconds, then goes to water. I tried a drip grind, a multi-purpose grind, and a percolator grind. The percolator grind that was more course was horrible, the coffee was just tinted water. Really looking for help here on the grind to use. I only have a chop grinder, and must use a burr grinder at the store.

    -The coffee takes much longer to brew than any other filter or K-cup I have used.

    Any insight would be appreciated.



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    I even sent an e-mail to Ekobrew on 3-2-13, they have not replied

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    Hello Andy1799

    I did a quick search for EkoBrew problems, and found a variety of things.

    This person had a problem with the water shooting in different directions as well as the coffee tasting bad.
    I Like My Ekobrew...I Think - K-Cup Barista

    Here is another one. If you scroll down there is a part about troubleshooting the EckoBrew:

    Ekobrew Reusable Cup for Keurig

    You can take a look at some search results, which include a couple of YouTube Videos here:
    AOL Search

    I hope this helps.


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    Thanks Rose, I had read most of those things, no single thing seemed to help. However, putting multiple things together fixed the problem



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