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Thread: coffee taste?

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    Question coffee taste?

    recently i started roasting my own beans... i use an air popcorn popper. it worked fine and overall i was pretty happy with it, i let it gas for 48 hours and decided to make some. i use a french press and am real careful not to do any thing wrong... now to get to my problem... before i started roasting my own beans i had bought some at the super market and they were traitorous they were burnt and they just tasted awful, i hear online that when you roast your own beans its a huge step and the coffee tastes a hole lot better, but honestly it didn't it was sort of burnt tasting... and i know i didn't burn the beans because i only roasted them about 45 sec in to the second crack... i guess i would like someone to tell me what coffee taste like because lately all the coffee i make at home tastes the same; burnt... but sometimes not bad i am trying to isolate the problem if there is one but i can figure it out...

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    Personally I stop my roasts before second crack and 45 seconds into SC is still considered fairly dark. I would recommend retrying but this time stop right at or if you logged it, a little before second and see how that goes for you.

    I shoot for somewhere between 10-12 on this chart:

    What color were yours?

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    Hello Enbrick,

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website. You will find a lot of useful information here.

    What kind of beans did you roast? Depending on the bean, you may have roasted them a little too much for your taste.

    We have several members on this forum who roast their own coffee at home, and a few people still use a popcorn popper.

    Coffee isn't supposed to taste burnt.....however Starbucks seems to think it does. One of the nice things about roasting your own coffee beans is that you can control how dark you roast them. You may need to experiment with a few batches to get it just the way you want it. Keep records, and compare the different roast times, etc. and then in time you'll get it just how you like it.


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    One possibility is that you are simply roasting the beans darker than you like. Another could be that your roaster is getting hotter than it should get for optimum results.

    Shoot for somewhere between first and second crack, sample and then go from there. If a bean cups grassy/grainy, it's prolly under roasted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkRose View Post
    Coffee isn't supposed to taste burnt.....however Starbucks seems to think it does. Rose
    lol too funny. I'm from Philly too Rose!



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