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    What About Roasting Times?

    I use a West Bend Poppery II for roasting my beans. The roasting occurs outdoors because of the chaff and smoke but when the ambient temperature is warm, the roasting time to the second crack is around 5-6 minutes. I've been wondering if that is too short a time and the beans aren't getting thoroughly roasted.

    I'm currently using Mexico Chiapas beans.


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    hello Richard,your roasting time of beans is 5-6 minutes i also like to roasting beans for 6-8 minutes,

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    roasting time depends on how you like your final product to be. it all depends to you.


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    If the roasting time only taking 5-6 mins and you like the coffee it comes out of it, I wouldn't worry about it.
    If you don't like it, then try to change your roasting temp if that is possible. Or also add more beans.
    I would think roasting time should take around 12-15 mins to give full flavor.

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    5-6 minutes doesn't seem like enough time for the bean to develop all it's characteristics. Sample roast for cupping should be at least 8-12 minutes. I roasted on a Gene Cafe 1/2 lb for awhile and had to adjust my temps to get 10-12 min roasts. Times and temps can vary depending on origin and moisture content of beans, but I would shoot for at least 8+ min batches...IMO.

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    I have only 3 roasts under my belt using a popcorn popper (or any other method, for that matter). My beans (Sumata Mandheling) will reach second crack anywhere from 6.5 to 7 minutes. So your times seem right to me. However, total time, does not seem like a consistent way to roast.

    I have been told that the time after first crack roll is a better way to time beans. Not total time. First crack roll is when you start to hear several cracks in a row.

    Still, I am having concerns that I always have a first crack roll.

    The popcorn poppers can roast quickly so it makes it hard.

    I also struggle getting an even roast with my popcorn popper. The advice given to me was to shake it a lot. I will try that when I get to my fourth roast.

    I think looking at the beans might be one of the better ways to tell roast level. Also, weigh the beans before and after. The percentage difference will be an indicator of roast level. There is a chart on the web if you search for it. After you do more and more roasts, you should start to get the hang of how done the beans should be. BTW each bean tastes best at its own unique roast level. Take lots of notes while roasting.

    Listen to me. Three roasts and I am an expert, lol NOT!!! (do the kids still say that?).

    Good luck with your roasting!!!



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