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    Question How long should I keep my coffee on the burner?

    I have a Auto-Drip coffee maker that makes pretty good coffee. I want to keep my coffee on the burner every time I brew until I can find a good new thermos (Have one but want It too hold more coffee). I want to time how long the coffee Is on the burner....Should I start the timer as the coffee hits the pot or when the pot Is done? Thanks!

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    It really doesn't matter which you choose. It's only a matter of a couple of minutes difference.

    Instead of a thermos, you may want to get a thermal carafe and transfer the hot coffee into it. Whatever you use (thermos or carafe) you should first put hot water into it to warm it up before you put the coffee in it.

    By the way, welcome to the Coffee Forums!


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    pinkrose got some nice points for you. you may want to try it out.




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