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    Gettin Da Fruit Out

    Hey All

    I'm planning on brewing a beer with coffee soon, and I want to maximize the fruity notes (flavor and aroma, if possible) from the coffee.

    Does anyone have recommendations for type of bean/roast/grind/brewing process or anything else that may help me accomplish this? I heard that Ethiopian beans are supposed to have a fruity aroma happening. I currently have an Ethiopian/Timor blend but am not getting the notes I want out of it.

    Floral aromas would also be very welcome.

    Any and all help is appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Just straight sidamo from the 2013 harvest should serve you well.

    Yirgacheffe contains bright floral and spice notes w/lemon over tones.

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    I'd cold brew the coffee and add it during secondary fermentation. Stay away from paper filters if possible. Use distilled or pre-boiled water, and of course sanitization of the coffee equipment is going to be as important as with the beer equipment. Maybe dry hop with a small amount of Cascade... but I guess that depends on the rest of the recipe...
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