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    Thumbs up Quitting caffeine cold turkey need to stop withdrawel symptoms in 10 days

    It started about a month ago I'd have a monster every once in a while.
    Then like two to three weeks ago I found caffeine pills.
    I took one.
    It was fun and elevated my mood really fast.
    I increased the dosage everyday and ended up with about 6 caffeine pills every 6 hours or so.
    Last Friday I tried to stop taking them and I got extremely depressed and everything made me mad.I got back on them am im still experiencing slight to medium depression every single day and nothing at all can make me happy.
    Today I had maybe a little more than a hundred MG of caffeine from Dr pepper,no caffeine pills or anything like that.
    I made a vow I'd stop caffeine all together and I need it gone within 10 days because I'm going on a vacation with friends and I don't want to make a bad impressioon,but with those withdrawal symptoms I know I'd make the worst impression ever.
    But if I stay on caffeine I'll make a bad impression too, cause this addiction is killing me.
    I'm already drinking a shitton of water.
    If I take stuff like activated charcoal will
    it help clear my system faster?What else can I do to make these symptoms go away fast?
    I'm 15 by the way.



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