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    Oh boy that sink! That kettle works great Ive had something similar to it before.

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    Thanks for the picture, now I got the idea. Tried increasing the amount of coffee to 60 g per liter from 52. I preferred the taste at 52, I believe it is too strong for my taste. Awaiting for the wife to give her opinion. I did not tell her that I changed the ratio.

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    This is good way

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    Well, I cannot blame the water temperature anymore, impulsed bought a moccamaster yesterday. The only variables left now are the coffee quality (roast), the grind and the operator.

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    Its always difficult to achieve perfect cup at the beginning. But it is also fun. It takes many tries and along the way you get to learn and experience the great world of coffee.

    This is what I tried in the past.

    Your coffee should be brewed at between 190-205.
    You should be drinking your coffee at around 170
    Your grind should be according to the recommendation of your brewing method.
    And lastly, your bean should be roasted freshly.

    If you follow above, you should be able to find the taste that will hit your spot. But above rule is really basic and also not always bring out the best out of the bean you brewing.
    This is where you can experiment with different temperature of both brewing and drinking, different ground, and also different type of roast.

    I have tried many highly sought after beans and not always they were the best cup i ever had.

    Good Luck with your Journey.....


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