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    Irish Coffee - Your Recipe Archive

    Irish Coffee Recipe
    • 1 1/2 oz of Irish Whiskey
      1 teaspoon of raw sugar
      Whipped cream
      Hot strong coffee
    Prepare a warm (pre-steamed) clean mug or glass.
    Add the whiskey.
    Add sugar and stir into the coffee.
    Float the whipped cream on top, use as much to your liking.
    Drink the coffee through the cream for best flavor and effect, don't stir after adding the cream.

    This is an Irish Alcoholic Coffee Beverage set for one person, add amount to each cup, the more Whiskey added the stronger the Irish Coffee will be.

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    Alcoholic Coffee

    All of the Irish coffee I've tasted has been a super experience, although I couldn't drink it on a regular basis. The aspect of coffee, the warm feeling with the mix of alcohol bringing the warmness even further. The first time I tried an Irish Coffee I was overtaken from warmth and of course the good conversation with my girlfriend.

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    Huge page of coffee recipes!

    This site belongs in the "web pages that suck" book, but here is another with some recipes:



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