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    Can I ask to get coffee drinks every day on this trip?

    I am going on a 4 day road trip with my church where we are staying in hotels and I really like getting a coffee drink at a coffee shop every day but it looks like they have a tight schedule and so I dont know if there will be a chance to every day. Is it unreasonable to ask if we could get a coffee drink every day? Im going with a group of 20 with only one driver

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    I have a feeling that you won't be the only person in a group of 20 who wants coffee every day. It's not unreasonable to ask. Maybe some of the other people are thinking the same thing, but they're afraid to ask the driver to stop.

    It's a church group, so it's very possible that others, who don't drink coffee, will be forgiving and flexible while you get your coffee. Speak up and see what happens.




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