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    Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
    Many of forum members know that I do some stupid and crazy stuff with coffee.
    just now, about 30 min ago, I bought a cup of goat milk from my favorite goat milk boy ($0.75 per cup). it is like my weekend ritual because I see these 3 goats (one is named after Shakira. (brown one) and middle black one name is Rata (rat in Spanish, kind of funny) and the other goat.. I forgot the name.)

    So, I got a cup of SUPER DUPER FRESH goat milk and took it to right next door my favorite coffee shop. &Cafe (yes, that is the name of the coffee shop. &Cafe. Second largest coffee chain store in Guatemala). I know them so well because I have been coming here for years and everyone knows that I am in coffee business in this town. (well, I am THE ONLY KOREAN (ASIAN) GUY doing coffee business in this city, Quetzaltenango). So, they always remember me and always very nice to me. So, I gave that goat milk to Estefania to make my usual Latte.

    Gladly, she did! (#2 photo) and as I write, I am drinking that Goat milk Latte. Honestly?! One of the best lattes that I have ever had!!!! (photo #5. In case you might be thinking that I am bullshxting, I took a photo of the latte cup with my facebook picture on my computer)

    PS: the goat boy (Fernando is the name) told me that one goat can give about 18 cups a day! interesting stuff.

    Interesting facts about coffee around the world-19959153_1971968509753602_2980759984377610338_n.jpgInteresting facts about coffee around the world-19961661_1971973453086441_6203478304907962385_n.jpgInteresting facts about coffee around the world-19990451_1971968606420259_2335023654820893669_n.jpgInteresting facts about coffee around the world-20046782_1971968459753607_4551254968861888371_n.jpgInteresting facts about coffee around the world-20106687_1971975109752942_5059907373581071022_n.jpg

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    "Redbull gives you wings, coffee gives you rockets!"

    Heard it on this song called "Confessions of a Coffee Addict" by Kevin Blue on YouTube. The song hilarious and a really puts coffee on another level!

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    I got below from Coffee Fun Facts from a website call "Coffee Know How".

    Coffee isn't only for leisurely drinking or better yet it's not only for drinking. I found some interesting facts about coffee below.

    • Drinking at least two cups of coffee daily can lower your risk of heart disease by 25%.4
    • Coffee can be used topically to simulate hair growth5
    • It can also be poured cold over your hair for a soft shinier look6
    • All coffee grow in the world grows in the "bean belt", the area between the tropics of cancer & capricorn.8

    I am curious to know about the "hair growth" thing. Topically to stimulate? Pour cold coffee over your hair for shinier look?

    I guess that according to below photos, most of Bald famous man are action starts!!! (except #1 photo that we all must avoid Look!)

    Interesting facts about coffee around the world-article-1077021-03bb07750000044d-181_233x329.jpgInteresting facts about coffee around the world-fa478c0c6c4e2a58b8946674b2ce0eb1.jpgInteresting facts about coffee around the world-images.jpgInteresting facts about coffee around the world-jason-statham.jpgInteresting facts about coffee around the world-main-qimg-678c90e4bc602deaed10908b944e5ce6.png

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    Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
    11 coffee experts rated top 10 best coffee countries in the world.

    Ethiopia : 25 point
    Kenya : 12 point
    Colombia : 10 point
    Guatemala : 7 point
    Costa Rica : 3 point
    Honduras : 3 point
    Indonesia : 2 point
    Rwanda : 1 point
    Panama : 1 point
    United States : 1 point.

    personally, I agree with top 4 but USA being top 10???.... basically it is Kona coffee...


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