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    Storing Green Coffee Beans Safely This Way OKAY?

    Hi Everyone: I have a question, why does burlap have to be used for storing green coffee beans necessarily? I have about 30 pounds of beans I need to open up to breath from the plastic they were sent in. I was going to order a burlap bag on Amazon then place the opened plastic bags inside a large burlap sack to breath but question if burlap is necessary for long lasting good beans. I came upon some high quality polyester bags in my place designed for washing delicates at ALLOVE in different sizes preferring not to have smelly burlap in my place.

    Does anyone think this is a bad idea to put the plastic bags opened inside these breathable polyester bags to help the beans breath? What about placing the beans alone in the bags? Can they easily be corrupted in storage this way?Ž-Premi.../dp/B00KVLRAFG

    May be a silly question, but I'm new at this. I love my green coffee beans. Thanks in advance.
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    Burlap isn't necessary.. in fact most people to have their green come over from origin packed in Grain Pro bags (and usually burlap is the 2nd wrapper).

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    for what it's worth, i keep mine in a 7 liter water bottle, (holds 11 kilos). i don't see the need for the green beans to breath. they will probably lose their moisture using your described method. why not invest in a large plastic container with top?
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    ohha I with you

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    I realize that great coffee can certainly still be good 15 months off harvest arrogant it is the right coffee with the right shipping and storage conditions. However, I would like to see a single viable contention that would exhibit that same coffee wouldn't be much, 3 -6 months off harvest. The only exception to this might be tippy naturals that get better as they age because their negative characteristics vanish.

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    Green Coffee Bean Storage

    Dear NobHillNotary, the burlap bag is not necessary. The green coffee beans should conserve well in a cool, dry and dark place. We at Santa Monica Cafe Gourmet, store our green beans in the original burlap bags along with temperature controlled warehousing. A green coffee crop will usually maintain it's cupping characteristics well into a 2 year period. The 7-liter plastic water bottle is also very creative!!!

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