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    Quote Originally Posted by javacentral View Post
    I've heard this works well with a keto diet since, when on that diet, you decrease the amount of carbs you take in so your body has to burn some form of fuel. This is where the fat in the coffee comes in. Your body can burn that along with whatever you eat that day. In that instance, I can see it being good for you but taking in 2 types of fats, not sure about that. I think a lot of it is snake oil and a bunch of mumbo jumbo
    Diabetics on keto or LCHF diets say its a good way to get fat into their diet, they also say butter and coconut oil are good types of fat. Not all diabetics are over weight so adding fat to their diet can help them maintain their weight while keeping the carbs down. While bulletproof coffee sounds pretty disgusting to me I suppose it has it's place.

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    When you drink things like this, it makes think to myself, no wonder America is overweight. if you are taking that many calories in a coffee, how many other calories are you taking in through your other consumption. Butter has saturated fats, unless I am mistaken, shouldn't one be controlling the amount of saturated fat one consumes ?

    Then again, you might be chasing a bag of potato chips with that coffee and the whole argument is lost on you.

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    Eh, the guy who 'invented' it is a very clever marketer and basically touts it as a panacea for all of life's ills. I think it's harmless at best. If you think you have an issue with sugar, and the subsequent crash go for it. Don't expect the moon though.

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    Why not just use coconut milk in coffee, instead of coconut oil? Coconut milk in coffee works great.

    There's nothing wrong with saturated fat in moderation, but it can be overdone.

    Grass-fed butter is a good idea, since it has a lot more nutrients. I'm just not sure I'd want my coffee that oily.

    I've been putting collagen in my coffee. It's a good substitute for drinking bone broth.


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