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    Live Stream Event on Vietnamese Coffee Culture

    Hi guys,

    my name is Dietmar, we are currently having a Kickstarter Campaign ongoing. Our mission is to introduce the fascinating Vietnamese Coffee Culture with our product, Farmers Blend Coffee. For us specialty coffee is much more than just top quality beans from farmers you have a relationship with, we believe, specialty coffee is about cultures and diversity as well.

    For this reason we are going to have a LIVE STEAM today, Feb. 10 @ 10PM ICT (11 hours from now ) where we like to talk about Vietnamese Coffee Culture, our Mission as a Business as well as a Q&A session.

    If you are interested, please sign up for the event, share, comment and send us your questions in advanced.This should be a fun an exciting event and we hope to welcome some of you from here as well.



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    We go live in about 2 hours. Save the link and join us. Learn more about Vietnamese Coffee Culture and how it to run a coffee business with many challenges...



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