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    When you discuss espresso with someone who knows their coffee and you are trying to determine what equipment to buy and where the priorties should be highest, 100% of the time the highest priority is the grinder. While the grinder may not be quite as important for all brew methods, I would put the grinder highest on the list regardless. Getting the grind right is essential to getting a good quality drink in the cup. Obviously you also need to have the brew method down as well, focusing on brew times or volumes of water or both. But if the grind is too course, you end up with watery coffee. If the grind is too fine you end up with both bitterness and lots of mud in the cup. A quality grinder that excels at your chosen brew method is the first priority. Not all grinders do all things well. The hardest method to get right is espresso. That is why high quality grinders that excel at espresso are so darn expensive. Since I'm only brewing french press these days, I found a grinder that was good at providing a courser, but not too course, grind with consistent size throughout. Cheaper grinders will give you inconsistent grinds that will have large chunks as well as lots of fine pieces, and everything in between. It all starts with the grinder. Just my two cents.
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    I am also using Burr coffee grinder and I never had any qualms on brewing my own coffee.


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