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    Storing Coffee Filter Cloth

    Hi from Argentina!
    I'm still learning about coffee, and a friend of mine gave me a filter cloth.

    I was wondering how to store it.
    I particularly wonder what happens if -after making a coffee- I just leave it inside the cloth. It will keep wet, and that's a good point, but not sure if it's a bad practice to keep an old flavour in it, or just makes it better.

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    Rinse - put into ziploc - freeze.

    however, cloth filter will collect more and more sediments, so it will be more difficult to clean well every single time.

    My suggestion : Rinse - put into ziploc - freeze.......... buy some paper filter and use them....... ONLY WHEN the friend came for visit and when you serve the coffee, you can take that ziploc out of freezer.

    if you ask me, that is what I would do.



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