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    Exclamation Water Error Woes

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I installed a commercial coffee maker in my home's kitchen yesterday (a Wilbur Curtis "Alpha D60gt", im serious about my coffee, like the rest of us here) it is fed by a 1/4 inch copper line and inbetween the machine and supply connection is a 1/4" inch quick-connect inline filter.
    The filter removes scale and chlorine and (is supposed to) supply 0.75gpm (the machine needs 0.5 gpm minimum to work). The coffee maker worked great yesterday - until this morning when it started displaying a "water level" error message on its screen. Figuring the machine wasn't receiving water, I took off the connection and it was a trickle. I then removed the inline filter, when I did a BUNCH of carbon and little softening beads came gushing out the INLET side of the filter. I'm basically positive none got into the machine. It completely plugged up the tube leading into the filter from the supply valve as well as the filter. I made absolutely sure I plumbed it the right flow direction paying attention to the flow arrows.

    Is my filter defective?

    Do filters fail like I described when they do fail?

    Did I do something wrong with the supply line setup? It's seems so basic already only having a angle stop, .75gpm filter, and about 20 inches of copper 1/4" line.

    Did one of my other appliances backflow and "suck" the filter media out?
    It seems to me the media should be encapsulated in the filter and not come out under any circumstance. There IS a ice maker on a fridge close to this but I can't see it creating a strong backflow situation (right??)
    Any thoughts?

    I'd post the links to the filter but I dont have enough cred. It's a Pentair everpure
    EV9100-06 IN-10 Inline Filter with 1/4 inch Quick-Connect Fittings



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