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    By the way, I just want our members to know that I put out these type of threads/postings, not to get some extra recognitions for myself and for others who is helping me in this forum.

    that is not my true intention.

    I want all of us to know that the serious problems that coffee origin industries are facing.

    When a worker (not the owners of farms) get paid less than $8 per day (way less in African countries), when fairtrade / Organic does not allow anyone under age to help the family's work (if the farm owners pay good wage, kids do not need to help picking. pickers get paid by the weight), when the rich does not allow the poor to get ahead, I really do not think that I should be worrying about espresso extraction time, specially when I am working in Guatemala coffee industry.

    Supposedly there are 25 million workers in coffee origin industries. And there are 2 million in Guatemala. But that 2 million is only coffee workers, not counting their families. 99.9% of 2 million families are living under extreme poverty.

    There are way more urgent things in the coffee world.
    I just hope that some of us can look beyond what's in front of you and try to make some difference in a good way.
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    I understand that this is not a fun & pleasant subject matter.

    but this is also coffee related matter and in my personal opinion, one of the most urgent coffee related matter, so even though some of members might get "uncomfortable", I strongly felt that I had to post it here. (I just hope that it does not get deleted by moderators ....)

    I just got this information two days ago from the principal of a school which I am sponsoring few kids. (this school is located in Salcaja city and most of their families are working in coffee related industries)

    This is a little story of Yaneli Sapon, 8 years old girl who is a daughter of a coffee worker family. her family also lives in Salcaja.
    Yaneli was/is a happy & bright girl despite of a difficult and arduous family financial situation. Due to illness, she has lost one kidney and after losing the first one, even unfortunately, second one is starting to fail in last few month. Her family is waiting for the kidney transplant, but knowing her financial situation and how everything works in Guatemala, probably it would unlikely happen. Highly unlikely.

    I talked to Yaneli over the phone two days ago and promised her that I will go and see her when I go to Guatemala in two weeks.
    She was so happy and can not wait to see me, but that made me even sadder because I do not know what I can do for her. I am planning to buy some medicines here in Los Angeles and bring some gift to make her happy, but as far as the kidney transplant is concerned, I am really lost. If I can help in some way that she can be bit more comfortable while she is with her family......

    THIS is the main problem of our coffee industry. ( at least in my personal opinion)
    We invest tens of thousand dollars to make our coffee tastier, more aromatic, more consistent..etc, but as a Guatemala working green bean guy, it is not really fair how coffee origin workers get treated. Riches get richer and poors get poorer.

    anyway, if anyone would like to help, please check on my facebook. I even put the phone # of the father of Yaneli. If anyone who is reading this post is in Guatemala and would like to do something good, please call the father and help whatever you can.

    yes, it is too "heavy" subject matter for coffee forums. but please do not forget "We can not help everyone, but everyone can help someone". Ronald Reagan said that.
    thanks for reading.

    How to help coffee farm pickers family and kids education.  Really Help....-20708196_1996739043943215_7849551908575304935_n.jpgHow to help coffee farm pickers family and kids education.  Really Help....-21192744_1996739033943216_3122630769536338657_n.jpgHow to help coffee farm pickers family and kids education.  Really Help....-21248402_1996739077276545_6554964953653591308_o.jpgHow to help coffee farm pickers family and kids education.  Really Help....-21248626_1996741723942947_1225161151262524060_o.jpgHow to help coffee farm pickers family and kids education.  Really Help....-21272697_1996739040609882_6612147373088014463_o.jpg


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