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    Where to buy single pods?


    Was wondering if there are any sites, specifically in Canada or that will ship to Canada, that sell single (each) pods instead of boxes of them? I really don't like having to waste money on a buying a box of pods, then don't like it.

    I would like to sample them out before I buy any large amounts of pods.

    I know some Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores have some small setups where you can buy one each pods, but they are extremely limited and usually not any flavors I like.

    I ran across a site some months back that claims to "pick and choose" your own single pods instead of buying in boxes or bulk, but I don't remember the name and it isn't coming up on any searches I do.

    Does anyone know of any sites that sell single/each pods?


    Where to buy single pods?-f0d5381b5ae43d19f8cbe7e2a83f1c9b.jpg



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