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    Some clarification with coffee filters

    Greetings of Peace!

    I am Lolcats1997, and i had just started enjoying coffee recently and came up with a little confusion if the coffee filter i bought is correct for my coffee maker.

    attached is an image of the coffee dripper and and the filter.

    thank you in advance

    Some clarification with coffee filters-18309092_10208126618035730_1973115633_n-1-.jpg

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    Not 100% really.... but it could work. Just fold it up to make the end pointy.
    BTW, if you "just started enjoying" coffee, it would not make whole lot of difference (in taste of your coffee) whether you use the one you already have or the one like the photo I attached. (by the way, what kind of coffee are you using?)

    Anyway, below is the proper filter for you.
    Some clarification with coffee filters-detail2.jpg



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