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    To run a Specialty cafe, is Passion Enough?

    if you ask many Specialty coffee shop owners about his dedicated passion about "coffee", he/she would rather mention something else to run a successful business shop.

    Many will say that "Being rational and sensible is more important than just passion. Because to run a cafe, even though you might love the coffee, but you might not love the grind of working every single day in a coffee shop. Also, it could be pointless to get upset if someone asks for sugar in his coffee"

    Someone mentioned that passion is overly valued and it must company with hard work, dedication to deliver right service & quality to the customers. Because most of coffee people are very passionate people in what they do, but passion only can not lead you to a successful business.

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    Commitment vs passion
    If you are afraid of failure or losing money, quit while you are ahead

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    Passion without dedication to craft is fluffy nothingness. AND you can't claim "passion" and do something average. That's dishonesty.. with yourself, and with the public.
    John Piquet
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    Passion, perseverance, commitment, nowness, are just some of the necessary traits/actions that are needed for any entreprenear to survive the business they embark on.

    Well that any the ability to drink LOADS of caffeinated coffee.

    "I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee." ~Flash Rosenberg



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