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    Painting with coffee?


    I'm interesting in coffee based art( painting) any lead?

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    My name is Steven Mikel, and I also paint with coffee... enjoy

    Painting with coffee?-american-metal_28x20-700w.jpg Painting with coffee?-looking-over-antigua_20wx28h-700w.jpg Painting with coffee?-forest-trees_36wx24h_650w.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by ensoluna View Post
    welcome to our forum.
    your paintings are incredibly good.
    do you do this professionally?

    also, just curious... what kind of coffee do you use? and how do you prepare the coffee "ink"?
    Thank you for your kind words...
    And yes, painting with coffee is what I do, my work is in a number of fine art galleries here in the states.

    I have used all kinds of coffee since 2008 when I focused all my artistic attention on using it as a painting medium.
    Don't worry about being curious, I get asked those questions a lot, so I put the answers into a FAQ on my website as well as having more information about how I make the paint.

    I'm not sure if I am allowed (as a new forum member) to place a URL to my website here in the reply, but I will try... if it gets removed... simply do a google search on "Steven Mikel" and there will be "tons" of links to my website, images, and goodies.

    Here is the link, if it's allowed... StevenMikel(dot)com (hopefully this is okay)

    Let me know what you think...

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    Thanks again for your kind words.

    I was in Guatemala for a few weeks a number of years ago (90's, prior to the big re-paint Antigua event, lol) I took a lot of photos and have painted many, some now with coffee.

    My work with Thrive Farmers has been a real blessing, and I have remaining, a couple hundred pounds of their expired coffee, a blend of directly sourced from Guatemala. They have sent me some information about a few of the farmers whose harvest was mixed in the blends that I have and we have talked about the possibility of my visiting with them to personally meet with farmers and the communities.

    I would love to go back.
    My best work has always been that which is attached to a connection and personal story...(I do commissions, and I strive to really connect understand the person, place or thing I am requested to use as a subject)
    So, yes... I am certain I will be going back.

    When you go, if you come across some interesting shots... I might be able to use them as reference in the future (with your permission of course)

    Sounds like I need to check out your website as well, I'll let you know when I do.
    Got to get back to painting today, however... I've spent way too much time behind my computer, I have 2 commissions that have to be completed this week.


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    I have a friend who is painting using 100% real coffee. Coffee painting is similar to watercolor painting and showcases an endless variety of themes and styles. Still, she says that It's hard to get noticed as an artist when you paint using coffee. I've seen some of her works and I think that this kind of work looks absolutely gorgeous, and I would definitely buy at least a painting for my house. Guys from don't paint using coffee, but instead, they can paint and decorate the entire house at a valuable price which is hard to beat.
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