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    Advice needed: Caffeine and asthma question.

    Hello, I am trying to resolve a problem that relates to coffee. Up until recently, I have been drinking an Espresso Roast coffee, Timothy's Rainforest Espresso. It's called Extra Bold. This relieves my asthma but makes me feel easily irritated. Recently, I tried Timothy's Breakfast Blend. It's Light. It resolved the irritability but my asthma returned presumably because it's not strong enough to rev my system.

    I then tried Timothy's Italian Blend. It's called Medium. I hoped it would both relieve my irritability and asthma. It did the opposite. I felt irritable and asthma. I'm looking for a solution that would make me not irritable and not asthmatic.

    I use k-cups to make these and apparently bold coffee k-cups contain more grounds than light ones. I tested this with a scale and the Rainforest Espresso came in at 15g and the Breakfast Blend at 13g. What am I missing? Do you think if I found a way to make a stronger cup of Breakfast Blend it would do the trick and I wuldn't feel irritable or asthma? I've been assuming the only variable is caffiene content. Is there something else, maybe the lightness of the bean?
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