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    your favorite instant coffee?

    I know that some of us (like JP in our forum) avoid instant coffee like a plague, but sometime in our life, we all have possibly used instant coffee.
    And believe it or not, it came a long way... and gaining popularity even as of I write. (personally, I have used it until I was 18 years old when I was growing up in Korea. at that time, hardly anyone used brewed coffee. okay, okay for the people who might get confused with time-line, I start drinking instant coffee when Jimmy Carter was the president. Yes, that was while .... back)

    it has been 246 years since the earliest version of instant coffee (1771 in Britain). then, the first American product was developed in 1853 and tested during Civil War.

    In 1890, David Strang (New Zealan) invented and patented instant coffee.
    In 1901, the first successful technique for manufacturing a stable powered was invented in Japan by Satori Kato.

    Finally the first time it was mass produced was in America around 1910 by George Washington (no, that not person with wooden teeth nor any relation to him)

    Around 1938, by co-drying coffee extract along with an equal amount of soluble carbohydrate, Nescafe improved the taste and became the most popular brand in the world.

    PS: just realized that most of our members weren't even born when J.Carter was president. so here it goes...
    Trump - Obama - G.W.Bush (the bad bush, in my opinion. Yes, the first year of presidency, 9/11 happened. if you do not know the year of 9/11 you really need to get some help!) - Bill Clinton (my favorite president. I wonder what "lewinsky" is doing now....) - George H.W. Bush (the good bush and smart one) - Ronald Reagan (I came to USA when he took the office in 1981) - THEN JIMMY CARTER. (photo 2) 1977 to 1981.

    your favorite instant coffee?-instant-coffee-teaspoon1.jpgyour favorite instant coffee?-peanuts_major_characters.jpg
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    American's taste in coffee is heading toward more and more high end, specialty coffee, perfectly roasted beans, artisan coffee brewers, but incredibly big part of the world is going in the opposite direction. Instant coffee.

    as you can see from the chart, Nescafe have nearly tripped their sales since 2000 and they are consuming around 40 billion dollars as of last year.
    Strange and amazing fact.

    PS: I'd better sell my specialty green beans as much as I can!!!! (by the way, right outskirt of Antigua Guatemala, there is one of the biggest Nescafe factories in Central America :+(

    your favorite instant coffee?-retail-coffee-sales-brand-percentage-global-market-value_chartbuilder-1.pngyour favorite instant coffee?-revenue-coffee-snack-shops-usa-2002-2016.png
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    India & China are two of the fastest growing markets for instant coffee and that is why Asian Pacific is the world's largest instant coffee consuming region.
    however, when we look at Australia & N.Z. (new zealand), instant is accounted for over 75%. let me say that again over 75% where these two countries are more often associated with coffee snobbery and Melbourne being the best specialty city in the world. (some might argue...).

    In Easter Europe, Instant is accounted for over 50% and in Western Europe for more than 25%.
    And believe it or not, these two European regions drink 40% of the world's instant coffee !!!!!

    there was a report about this matter.
    it says : In newer coffee drinking regions, instant coffee is appealing because of its ability to satisfy the needs of new coffee drinkers and their evolving tastes.
    Unlike established coffee markets, where coffee is a product with well defined perceptions of taste, strength and origin, in emerging coffee markets, coffee is viewed as multi purpose product with endless functional and flavor possibilities.

    your favorite instant coffee?-instant-fresh-coffee-map-euromonitor.jpg
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