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    your own company coffee bag photos?

    our company in Guatemala just got a new coffee bag delivered few weeks ago.
    these coffee bags are only for Guatemala domestic use from our roasting company, hence, all Spanish on the bag.

    if any of members has their own coffee bags for us to see, please post the photos here.

    your own company coffee bag photos?-22140883_2011187889164997_5694614311514171846_n.jpgyour own company coffee bag photos?-22154151_2011187912498328_452227211136661033_n.jpgyour own company coffee bag photos?-22154299_2011187929164993_7318780897226983035_n.jpgyour own company coffee bag photos?-22154412_2011187769165009_7612567390195107906_n.jpgyour own company coffee bag photos?-22218501_2011189209164865_4527717995420283458_o.jpg



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