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    "Americano" coffee from Spain and Portugal question.

    We spent several weeks traveling in Spain and Portugal last year and ordered "Americano" coffee from restaurants and coffee shops.
    Their "Americano" was made consistently from place to place. And it was not the same as "Americano" style coffee made here in the US.

    I would like to hear from someone that has experienced the European "Americano" coffee (re; Spain & Portugal) and could tell if it's possible to duplicate that coffee experience here in the US? And how to do it?

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    I would say that the Spain/Portugal "Americano" tasted smooth, soft, full flavored. They use a machine and I "guess" that they steam it. The coffee cups are small compared to US serving size. We would sometimes buy two cups in the morning.

    I find that US Starbucks "Americano" tastes like watered down drip coffee. Not so good. As a rule, I find Starbucks drip coffee to be high in caffeine and bitter, not smooth and flavor full.

    We have three (!) Keurig coffee machines - all the same make. One of them we purchased used at an Estate Sale. That used machine brews faster and makes a more flavor full coffee than the other two machines. (using the same coffee pods between all three machines).
    I think that something is wrong with the fast machine - it may not be heating the water to it's "correct" temperature before pouring.
    But the result is better coffee!

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew how the Europeans make such good Americanos?

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    My guess is starbucks uses quite a bit of water in their americanos, plus the coffee is very dark. But I am under the impression that traditional americanos use way less water (2-6 oz, instead of 10-14) and the roasts in those regions are probably better Just my guess, as I've never been there! Those countries are on my list though!



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