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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeConiglioArmenia View Post
    No machine at the house, do you have one? Yes, roast beans on a sample roaster, how about you?
    believe it or not, I use AeroPress to make some decent espresso (no crema :+). And I have a home made roaster that can roast about 150 grams at a time.
    but since I have a roasting company / green bean exporting company in Guatemala, whenever I come back from my work in Guatemala, I bring whole bunch of roasted and green beans for my home use. In our company, we do have Guatemala-made 25 lbs roaster and also Joper 2 cylinder sample roaster we uses for coffee education and for cupping purpose.

    by the way, what type of sample roaster do you have?
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    Jabez Burns Sample Roaster
    What's your fave?-jb-s.png

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    I like dark roast coffee...


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