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    To me, Single Origin means Single "designated" area (Farm or even coop that shares very very similar cupping profile in single "small" region)

    For me, drinking SOC is a way to experiment & experience the imprint of that particular farm / coop & region.
    Most in case, a SOC comes from just one farm. However, a farm can dedicate many particular section to grow different beans with different processing methods. So, if I choose Yellow Bourbon, washed, in a farm, that can be SOC which shares soil, weather, cultivation practices that creates a single glorious flavor and its unique character. (if done right).

    Micro climates in the high elevation that are suited to coffee, and the shifts in climate guide pruning and processing techniques.
    Coffee cherry from one side of a mountain can drastically differ from the other side, in the rates of maturation and sugar concentrations.

    That is what it means to be SOC.


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