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    What would you give up for coffee?

    for many of us, coffee is an obsession.

    how much do we live the stuff? From a survey : 55% of coffee drinkers would rather gain 10 pounds than give up coffee for life.
    52% would prefer going without a shower in the morning than abstain. (abstain.. a nice word for ESL person like me :+)
    49% would give up their cell phone for a month rather than go without the stuff.

    what about you? what would you give up for coffee?

    What would you give up for coffee?-3.jpgWhat would you give up for coffee?-78.jpgWhat would you give up for coffee?-43.jpgWhat would you give up for coffee?-456.jpg

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    Interesting investigation, but I am not so obessesed, happily

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    I'd take a colonoscopy any day before giving up my coffee.

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    I would rather be late than to miss my coffee.



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