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    Angry Sloth + Coffee + NGO

    Sloth was / is being used as totems which symbolize diplomacy, enjoying life and "care" for others.

    When times get tough, they know how to adapt to changes and take some time to think about their
    next move. Being like this, they can easily cope with problems and avoid worrying about things that are
    not important in life.
    Their altruistic nature people tend to choose professions like social workers, nurses and doctors who bring joy
    to them and to people they take care of.

    Also, it symbolizes shyness. Even though people born under this totem (Yes, I am translating "sloth as totems)
    know how to stand up for themselves when they need to, they usually go for a more aggressive approach
    only if there is no other way.
    They tend to keep everything for themselves and rarely speak their minds. Instead, they love spending
    their time thinking about new ideas and new projects they are going to bring to light.

    Personally, after reading their objectives in below link, it just seems like "angry sloth" fits the bill.

    Angry Sloth + Coffee + NGO-1.pngAngry Sloth + Coffee + NGO-1.jpg



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