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    I've tried many water filters and the "3rd Wave." I found the 3rd Wave to be useless. The PUR pitcher filters were fine for a couple of years, but the recent ones are probably made cheaper because the water tastes bad, so I trashed them.
    I currently use the "Zero Water Filter & Pitcher." So far, they've been great. Excellent water & coffee.
    There is a trick to making these pricey filters last much longer. I read about it in a review on Amazon by a research scientist & it really works:
    After the water runs through the filter, use ALL the water immediately or pour the unused water into a different container for storage. That allows the filter to dry out between uses. Otherwise, the filter stays wet & develops bacteria & mold, spoiling the water's taste. The included water tester with the Zero Pitcher verifies that the filter lasts much longer when used this way.

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    I just used purified water.

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    spring water!

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    Quote Originally Posted by irobinsonmark8 View Post
    spring water!
    I have to ask, are you talking about water you dipped out of a spring or bottled water labeled "Spring Water"? I've used water out of a Canadian lake that made some pretty good cowboy coffee.

    Update on the 3rd wave water testing!

    I've given up. I've tried two different brands of distilled water and couldn't tell the difference so I don't believe the brand makes a difference. I don't like it because I like coffee that has the nutty/chocolate notes and the 3rd wave water seems to diminish these notes. For now I'm sticking with my Pur pitchers.

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    The Specialty Coffee Association of America has standards for water, and there are ways to manipulate the mineral content of your coffee water.

    There are filtration systems that can be installed before your coffee maker. There is at least one company making a powder that is intended to dissolved into reverse osmosis water. I also saw a video (I believe it was a Whole Latte Love video) on YouTube.

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    The mineral content and ph level of the water you use, can have drastic effects on the finished product which makes your cofee much tasty.


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