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    Post Starbucks Coffee, Mediocre or "Just Average"?

    I personally have already formulated a presupposition in relation to my disposition of Starbucks Coffee. Briefly, in synoptic form, I can't really derive and extract much flavor or effervescence from some of their generalized strains of bean, such as the Cafe Verona or Cafe Estima. I simply desire a portfolio on your (this community) outlook upon this subject. Oh, also, is drip brewed coffee frowned upon as an inferior and primitive methodology of the extraction of the coffee beans' physical essence?

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    Hi Adam,

    By default, owing to the volume of coffee beans required by its retail operations, Starbucks bean quality is compromised. Quality improvement by growers is necessarily a labor intensive proposition, and, process improvements excepted, any reductions on that variable will directly reduce the quality of the exported product. It is impossible to maintain a cost ceiling while improving the quality of the bean...a rather universal correlation between cost and quality. If what you seek is quality coffee, Starbucks is NOT the answer. Any number of coffee roasters on this site will be able to provide the coffee you are looking for, or just explore. I'm sure Las Vegas has a number of coffee roasters dedicated to quality.

    As far as brew methods are concerned, pour over seems to be the preferred method for smaller volumes, and possibly french press followed with a filtering for larger volumes. Drip brewing is not a bad thing, noting that the sophistication of the equipment will affect the quality of the coffee. With enough flavored creamer and sugar, I imagine all sins are forgiven....but why worry about the quality of the coffee if one uses either?


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    Starbucks Coffee, Mediocre or "Just Average"?

    You are just trolling, is Starbucks mediocre, or average, where is the correct answer, truly horrible!



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