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    Opinions needed: Will there be a taste difference with a machine upgrade?


    I've owned a Breville 810 for a couple years now and I grind my own beans using a Breville Smart Grinder Pro. I make mochas, only and I enjoy them thoroughly. I had a quick question I wanted to ask the opinions of people who have more experience than I.

    If I upgraded to a Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso and used the same ingredients and process, do you think I'd notice a difference in the quality/taste of my drinks? My guess, is no. I think this because it's my understanding that milk based drinks (and with the addition of chocolate) it's going to mask the taste/flavor of the bean. However, if there was an improved quality of my mochas I'd buy the new machine in a second.

    Just curious to know if you think I'd notice a difference?

    Appreciate your responses and expertise.

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    Hey there... I have ZERO experience with the Breville. I had a Rancilio Silvia for 10 years and a year or so ago I purchased a Rocket Appartamento for home use. Its a HX machine so I do flush the head before pulling shots... I'm super impressed with the quality of espresso its capable of producing. The steaming capability is also pretty amazing... the quality of micro-foam it can produce is on par with my Rocket 58 (shop espresso machine). For the price point I'm overall very impressed. I can tax it a bit if I'm banging out 4 or more drinks but that's pretty rare. My only complaint is the drip tray could be a touch bigger but not really an issue.

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    I highly believe it depends on the mix that you will put in. The recipe, the touch and if its cooler, coffee/latte design is a great idea too - boosts my appetite!

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    I think you'll get a lot better espresso from a better machine.



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