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    Colombian coffee: not been able to find any that meet this profile

    A few years ago I had no problem finding Colombian coffee that meets this profile that I got from the Roasty Coffee site:

    South America

    In most cases, when we talk South America, we really mean Columbian coffees. After all, they are one of the biggest contributors from that continent. Though you will find other countries that produce even better quality coffees than Columbia. In most cases, you will find that Columbian and other coffees from South America will be less acidic but include a caramel sweetness and a nutty undertone that can’t be beaten.

    Have my taste buds changed or has something else changed?


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    Coffees from Colombia are pretty varied... look for central Colombian coffees (like Tolima)... stay away from souther Colombian coffees like Narino... they will be more floral / less choco/nutty.

    Our Coffee Regions | Café de Colombia

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    de Bucarmanga tambien

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmark View Post
    de Bucarmanga tambien
    I believe this is supposed to say . . . . of Bucaramanga also

    We'd appreciate it if you would write your comments in English.

    ~ Rose
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