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    What is your favorite coffee? do you prefer making your owns, or buying coffee

    I usually make my own coffee at home because it saves HEAPS of money. But when i go out occasionally and drink the coffee they make at cafes, it tastes like HEAPS better.

    I like the mocha coffee the most, and espresso. How about you guys?

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    Well, I'm spoiled and have an espresso machine at home so a latte or capp is my go to drink. The significant difference between cafe and most 'home' experiences is cafe's use the appropriate amount of coffee in their drinks. Most people don't use the recommended 2tbs per 6 oz drink (or a ratio of something like 1:16 coffee:water)

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    I usually won't buy coffee when I'm out and about. 1st reason is that of all the places I've tried straight espresso, I've yet to find any shop that compares to what I roast/extract at home. 2nd reason is the cost as having owned/operated a full blown mobile setup years ago I know what things cost. Yes I'm aware that cost involves equipment, electricity, labor, insurance, COGs, etc. That double shot in my area costs anywhere from $1.75-2.50. What I home/roast and extract costs me an average of .30 per double and the taste/texture is outstanding for me. If I want/need caffeine away from home I simply look for a can of Monster as it's not too costly for what you get and the taste/energy is very predictable/consistent.
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