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    Could you help me with a shot coffee survey?

    Hey all,

    My name is Jackson and I'm taking a report of the coffee scene for a business course Im taking. I have a quick surveythat i made for my project. Its totally anonymous and doesnt even require that you enter your email. As well there are no links to any products or promotions so you dont have to worry about getting added to a mailing list or getting a bunch of spam.

    You can find the survey here

    I checked the rules and didnt see anything about not being allowed to post surveys, if I am violating any rules let me know and I can delete this.

    Thanks again everybody for your help!!


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    I completed your survey. It asked how many bags I buy at a time and how much I spend. I work in the biz so I really don't pay for coffee. If I did have to pay I would be broke!
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
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    Hey no problem, if thats how it goes, that how it goes. Thanks for taking the time!



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