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    topher; Hey there, sorry, it looked like you wrote; "double shot equals an oz.", Which I took literally, my mistake, I took it out of context of the sentence. Let me throw this out there; I agree!
    "Ounces per Ristretto Shot

    A ristretto is a half ounce (15 mL) of water passed through the same quantity of coffee beans (7 grams) – specifically, first 15 mL – the shot is cut short. Therefore a double ristretto gives you the same quantity of fluid of a single regular ounce (2 x 15 mL = 30 mL), but takes more time, coffee and labour because the process has to be done twice.

    Ristretto shots are popular among those that consider themselves “Aficionados” because the “best” part of the espresso comes out near the beginning. As the shot nears the 20 second mark and later, more bitter compounds are extracted from the coffee as compared to the beginning.

    Additionally, more coffee solids are extracted near the beginning of the shot, which is why it typically looks dark, thick and syrupy at first and begins to look like golden water at the end. These solids – including caffeine but also caramelized sugars and chlorogenic acids – add to the flavor of the espresso. Overall, a double ristretto will contain the same number of ounces as a regular shot of espresso, but the higher amount of dissolved solids means it will be thicker and more flavorful."

    Question: Wouldn't this only be good to those drinking a straight gulp only and never mixing it with milk? No way all those subtle tastes are going to over power milk, sugar, and whatever else, to me it would seem an extravagant waster unless drinking only the reduced shot by itself?

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    Grinds for ristretto is a little bit finer than espresso too.


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