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    Advise Please: About Heating and Pouring Water While Away from Home

    Hey guys!

    What are some solutions to heating and achieving a controlled pour when camping/staying at a hotel? Looking for some great ideas for my travel kit! As far as i can tell, that is the only problem that is giving me and other people issues.

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    For camping, you can't beat an Aeropress or a Camping Non-Glass french press. For travel with electricity, I used to have a small electric kettle.

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    A coffee percolator is the best option. Or you can buy yourself a french press, or an aeropress, they are all good options for traveling.

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    This Bonavita electric variable temp kettle works great for us on the road in our camper.

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    It depends largely on the type of coffee you are after. For a decent pour over coffee then Gourmia make a decent product. I love espresso and the best travel companion I own is the Aicok portable espresso machine.

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    I use a Bonavita ceramic wide base immersion dripper and/or a Flair Espresso and/or a Secura French Press.
    If I have electricity, I use an electric kettle. Without electricity, boil water on a camping stove.
    I must admit, being somewhat obsessive, I used to travel with a Fresh Roast 500 coffee roaster a long while ago.
    I no longer do that.

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    Very useful, I will use your recommendations when I will go camping, thanks.
    In general, it is important to think about all aspects when you are preparing to go somewhere to rest because if you forget something then you will ruin your rest due to a small change.
    For example, last time we forgot to take outdoor portable lanterns and I was very annoyed with my wife who forgot them especially because I reminded her when I left the house. That's why I like to think in advance about every detail so that everything is perfect for camping.
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    For camping I take a GSI Outdoors french press. I'ts their Personal Javapress model. I don't take the mug that comes with it because I prefer to use a Snow Peak titanium mug for drinking. The GSI press will make two cups of coffee. All I really need is one cup to get me going in the morning. I'll grind the beans at home and put enough in individual zip lock bags for each french press of coffee. I'll add that I don't do the car camping or trailer camping thing. I either canoe or hike to my camping destinations. So while I'm not a weight weenie, I do need to keep an eye on weight. I also don't need a lot of hassle and weghing things in the wild entails both hassle and weight. This works for me and makes me a great cup of coffee.

    When traveling for business or pleasure and staying in a hotel I don't bother with bringing coffee stuff. I can usually count on a reasonably decent cup of coffee at the places where I stay. And if I have to go looking for coffee, I can sniff out the decent places. I see no point in dragging around a bunch of stuff to make coffee when I can find reasonable approximations of what I make at home.

    Now, I don't have a problem dragging around my classic shaving gear since having a nice shave is a necessity while on the road. In the woods? What's a razor?
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