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    Howe to enjoy your coffee in freaking Zero Gravity Space

    you have seen a lot of science movies where people drinking coffee or water out of a tube. basically just sucking the hell out of the water tube.
    but one of astronauts invented a coffee cup that works like a regular coffee cup at your home.

    As we all know, NASA has some awesome people who use the inspiration, perspiration and god damn good coffee.
    normally I do not link a lot of youtube links, but this is really cool vid about space coffee thing.

    and the best part is that Doug (the astronaut who designed and made this coffee cup) didn't spend much at all to invent this.
    unlike the space pen that can write in zero gravity that NASA wasted few million hard earn tax dollars. (BTW. as for Russians, instead of using that million dollar space pens, they just used a pencil to write. damn cheap people but in a way smart people, I should say.. ha ha ha)

    enjoy the video, guys.

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    Are any of those "bio-friendly"?

    BTW, NASA got their space pen money back long time ago: they are still selling those for over $20 now at Space Center when paying cheap Chinese labor $2 to make it...

    And how much money Russians made with their pencils? You tell me.

    You have to spend money to make money.

    So here is a real challenge: a bean to cup machine for space use.
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